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Day 1.5 with new Mooncup UK

I had meetings most of the morning at work yesterday so, paying attention to the little grummbly feeling heralding imminent shark attack, I put my new MCUK large size in before starting to bleed, so I wouldn't have to jump up and run out in the middle of a meeting. Whooh! I have never had so much trouble putting my old cup in! I definitely think it is a combo of the lack of blood lube more then the additional size. After much twisting and imagining the squeaking noise of tightly fitting rubber, I got it in.
It is worth mentioning that this is my first bleeding time after going ont he Nuvaring, which I took out friday. Upon emptying it last evening, it looked like I hadn't really started bleeding, but there was this totally gross (sorry in advance) brown mucus stringy stuff in the cup and on the outside, too. I know one of the things the ring does is increased mucus as part of the birth control, but this was totally yuckers!! Anyone else have this experience? I also leaked a little, but I thought it was more due to not getting the cup in before stuff started moving.
I actually started to bleed today, and leaked. Not as much as the smaller size, but still enough that I am thankful for my cloth pads. I am guessing I need to tweak my positioning. I have not really gone on the cervix safari yet, so I think I will start with that. My question is, once i find it and make sure it is positioned in the middle of the cup, should I try to push the cup higher? Just keggle it?
Still feeling a bit frustrated because it is much harder to get in and has not opened once without me having to swirl the finger around it. I am sore!! But I think I should be able to solve it with this one, hopefully.
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