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thank you & cleaning suggestion

Hi all--Just wanted to offer a big thanks to everyone for this site--the DivaCup has been a TREMENDOUS success for me, and I have this community to thank!  My periods are so heavy, and I was so sick of using tampons, that I was contemplating having a hysterectomy.  (I am 47 yo with 3 kids, so my childbearing years are over.)  The DivaCup has totally resolved my overflow issues so that I can manage my periods much easier than I was with tampons and pads.  The DivaCup is just so much cleaner, and NO leakage issues!  I wouldn't have tried DivaCup without reading your archives and help sections, so...I owe you all a BIG thank you for your support.

I also wanted to pass along a tip for keeping the DivaCup clean.  I find that a monthly wash with antibiotic soap usually does the trick for me, but I was noticing a transparent orange haze on it, probably because of accumulated blood staining the silicone.  Well, every few cycles I plop my DivaCup into a glass with about 4 Efferdent denture cleaning tablets, and it comes out sparkling clean (and minty fresh, by the way).  (I also use the Efferdent tablets to keep my toothbrush clean, which is why I figured they might work for this.)  Anyhow, just wanted to pass along this idea.  Good luck everyone, and BELIEVE THE HYPE--DivaCup rules!  Kathy
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