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Divacup inside out - removal problems

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to the diva (and cups in general) only worn it a couple of days so far, but I'd noticed the stem was poking me slightly and I'd read a lot of comments on here suggesting to wear the Diva inside out, so I thought I'd do that to see how it feels without a stem before I take the risk of trimming it. I've been wearing it that way for the last 9 hours, and it's been MUCH more comfortable, but I'm now having problems with removal. I'm finding that first of all, the outer walls are much slipperier, and it's much harder for me to get my fingers past the wider base. I'm quite narrow down there and it's usually hard enough for me to get in two fingers, but I'd been getting slightly better with the Divacup the right way out because it's a quick enough grabbing process, but it's not working so well inside out. I can visualize that I just have to reach past the flat base and squeeze, but I just can't get both my thumb and forefinger past it at the same time. If I try both simultaneously, I just end up not getting past at all and pushing the cup up further, if I try one at a time, one will get in the side just fine, but when the second one tries to sneak up the other side, the cup slips away from the first finger and angles itself into my vaginal walls on that side so I can't slide past it at all. Any advice?

ETA, about two hours later: I'm free! But don't think I'll be trying the inside out method again anytime soon ;) And thank you all for your helpful suggestions!
Tags: divacup, removal - painful or problems
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