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the switch?

I'll try to keep this short and snappy: I left my (latex rubber) Keeper in for more than 12 hours and now it smells awful. I've tried soaking it and scrubbing it using soap, cetaphil, bi-carb, water, vinegar and nothing seems to have helped at all. It seems that the material of the cup rules out a lot of things that people with silicone cups use to get rid of smells and I have a feeling that the bad smell is mixing with the latex smell and creating an even worse smell.

While I like the idea of my latex cup being biodegradable, I'm starting to wonder if having a silicone cup would be a lot less hassle in terms of smell removal?

I was looking at a cup comparison guide earlier and noticed that the Miacup looks to be a very similar shape to the Keeper and I must say that I'm rather taken by the colour, has anyone used both the Keeper and the Miacup and have any comments?

I'm also a bit confused about sizing, as the small Miacup is quite a bit smaller than the small Keeper. I'm wondering if I should just get a small one anyway, since I've only used the Keeper for one cycle and being 20 and nulliparous, the small Mia is the size recommended for me..

Thanks in advance for any help or anecdotes
Tags: cleaning, keeper, miacup

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