D (mangojellytoast) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Holes, Suction, and Popping Open

So, I'm on the third day of my cycle and everything was going pretty well, but I realized while emptying my Diva that only two of my holes were open, the others still had the original silicone in them (I've been using the cup for 9 cycles now, but only realized it because of a recent post about someone with a Diva who thought they didn't have holes at all, and someone said there should be four on a Diva). So I got out a needle and poked through the silicone plugs that were still in place.

Now I can't get the cup to pop open, but I have a seal. At the bottom, the cup feels totally concave and flat, and no amount of wiggling or kegeling will make it pop. But when I try to pull it back out to re-insert, I can feel the suction and have to reach up and break the seal to get it out.

Anyone ever had this problem? Do you think it's happening because I poked new holes? I'm hoping a collapsed cup that has suction won't leak overnight (it's below my cervix and has suction, that should be enough at least to prevent leaking, right?), because I don't have any backup protection in the house. I really should get some cloth pads for emergencies.
Tags: popping open

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