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Hello, I've just gotten my cup (a small Diva) and I have a question:  when it's in, I can feel the stem--for lack of a better word-- poking me. 
Would this be because it is riding too low, or is it just that the Diva cup is so long?  I've already trimmed some of it (and there was a noticeable difference even then), but I'm hesitant to completely remove it due to the role it plays in removal (and I find it helps immensely with turning the cup).  I have a feeling that might just be nonsense since so many of you seem to have no difficulties without a stem.
I don't feel like I could buy a new cup at the moment, but I might have to look into it if this problem can't be remedied.  And I'm far too happy with a cup to just leave off completely.

Thank you very much for your time!
Tags: divacup, insertion, stem length/trimming

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