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Lunette discount

I'm involved in a food co-operative with a grocery and recently sent out a bunch of emails to cup companies to try to get info and/or samples for people to look at, so that we can place bulk orders. I have a Keeper but it seems like the Lunette is the only silicone cup currently available here.
I received this email from the Lunette people recently. Sorry that it's so late! Only one day left for any people in Australia (or maybe anywhere, although you might not need to) interested in getting a Lunette:
(sorry about the different font and colour, i don't know how to change it)

"As a big Thank You to you for registering your interest and support of Lunette through our website and for your patience, we are offering you 10% Discount off all purchases. All you need to do is type in this code "sep2908" when prompted at the checkout (valid until Sep 29th).


We will also extend this introductory discount to your family and friends- so make sure that you let everyone know about this fantastic offer so they can join you in being liberated from 'strings and wings'.


There are only a few days left to order from the mylunette website and receive 10% discount off all products! The introductory period is almost over!!!  This is a limited offer and is only valid until Sep 29 this year!!"


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