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First two days with the LadyCup

Thought I'd post about how everything is going for me.
It took me quite a while to insert the cup for the first time, but I'm pretty stubborn. I wore it for an hour or so and then realized it felt like I was leaking, and sure enough, I was. Apparently the cup didn't open, so I took it out and tried again later. I didn't get it to seal that time either and I tried about 2 more times with no luck. So I came looking for advice and tried the cold water method. It worked! I went to bed and had NO LEAKS the entire night! Yay! It felt good to get a good nights rest and not wake up feeling gross and messy.
Removal went well, only slight pain. I was surprised at how little blood there was in it! I put it back in and couldn't get it to pop open! After removing/inserting half a million times I got really mad and poked at it hard and it finally popped. I was pretty glad because I had to leave for work right then. I walked to work and the stem was poking me really hard because I had apparently poked the cup into turning diagonally. After a few hours of poking (too busy to run and adjust it) my body finally adjusted and I didn't feel it anymore. St the end of my eight hour shift I could feel it start to leak...and because I ran into some people I knew, I didn't get home until later and I had had the cup in for nearly 11 hours!
This is when everything went wrong. When I removed it I almost screamed it was SO painful...I know I broke the suction because I heard it squelch. The cup was COMPLETLEY full, and I think thats why it leaked. It took me about as long as my first time to put it back in because I was afraid of taking it out again. I finally did it and I got it to suction fairly easy. After about four hourse I decided I better check it and I took it out. Once again I had mind numbing pain. I was shaking very terribly after I got it out and could barely think straight. I'm telling you, I hate pain down there. I could not bring myself to put it back in, which leads me to a few questions:

1~ When removing, is it possible to break the suction and fold the cup a bit and then have it resuction while it's still folded like that? (and can it resuction without you knowing it?) I'm thinking maybe the cup resuctioned and that's why it was so painful?

2~ Do you think the pain could be from so much activity down there the past two days? Maybe I'm just stretched and sore and that's why it's started hurting upon removal?

3~ Could you please describe how you remove your cup? I've been trying to fold it a bit and then rock it out gently, but that is hard to remember with so much pain penatrating my mind.

4~ Question about my anatomy - I was looking for my cervix and I got my finger pretty far and the moved it over to the right and was terribly surprised to find that there is sort of a cavern over that way. There is nothing of the sort on the other side of my canal. I immediatly stopped exploring because as soon as I felt it I realized that that is the place that hurts so much when I push a tampon in. What is this?

*sigh* Sorry, ladies. I'm just full of pesky questions. I just wish I could get this right!
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