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I've been having shots at using my Keeper a couple of times each period for a few months now and I think I finally got it! My main problem was removal- I never managed to break the seal and remove it in a way that didn't hurt so much that I was scared to insert it again. 
But today I finally did it. It was so much easier, in fact, that I'm not even sure that it formed a proper seal last night. But if I didn't leak, then it must have sealed, right?
It's still a little bit awkward using both hands and doing a lot of kegals, but I managed to do a punchdown fold while it was inside me. Yay.
I also finally found a place to get hemp and organic cotton cloth pads, so I'm all set.

okay, so, a couple of questions:
when I'm inserting it and it pops open, it feels like maybe it pushes a bit of air inside me but the past couple of insertions the cup hasn't sealed right away and I've pushed the air out. Is pushing air up there dangerous?
And sometimes my cup seals around my cervix and because my cervix is fairly high up, it's pretty hard to break the seal. Usually in that situation I end up gripping the base and pulling, all the while wondering- Is this dangerous? I don't have an IUD, so that's not a problem.

(anyway, I'm really glad that this month I got to post a happy thread, not another "omg, what am i doing wrong? what should I be doing" post like my other two. ha!)

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