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First time Diva user

After a lot of nagging from a friend - I decided to get a cup and give it a go! Before I tell you how it went - let me give you a bit of background.

I suffer from Endometriosis - which means that my periods are horrible at the best of times. I have a lot of pain - and bleed heavily.

I also have problems with pain on inserting anything into my vagina. I have not been able to use tampons, and intercourse with my partner is a total nightmare - to the point we rarely make love.

I kept bringing all these excuses up to my friend - and she kept on telling me to shut up and try it! So, I did.

I bought a Diva (cos it was the cheapest - and what I could afford) and when it arrived tried a couple of 'dry runs' - these hurt and I gave up dry runs - thinking i'd just try it when I came on.

So - the first couple of days it was uncomfortable - but not sore, so I took it out the first night, cos i couldnt sleep - but apart from that stuck with it. Eventually - one evening I realised i hadn't taken it out all day - and I couldn't feel it! I went to change it cos I thought it must be nearly full - and it wasn't - it was only about 1/3 full!

Now in the past I have flooded everywhere, every month, despite wearing nighttime towels constantly I(during the day too) - I'd have blood in my knickers, a bloody sheet - I'd be in such a mess. This month I had clean sheets - and clean knickers throughout - not ONE leak!

I get annoyed by towels - by the end of my period they rub and hurt - so a painfree protection was fantastic!

I had no stomach pains (can it REALLY stop pain?) and my period seemed a lot shorter than normal.

Best of all - when when I finished I made love to my partner in the evening - and it was lovely, and fun, and special and painFREE!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously can't tell you what a difference this has made to my life - it's a miracle!

I'm now looking forward to my period to see if it's so easy and hassle free again!
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