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Help with Lady Cup

AF came last night and I still didn't have my cup...came home from work today and YAY! My cup came! :D I was SO excited to try it out and it took me about 30 minutes to get it in. :P But it didn't open. I had used the punch-down fold and there was leakage. I had to hurry and take it out because I was going water skiing and needed to put in a tampon. Removal went pretty good....I think I'll get the hang of it.
So now I have a problem. I put them cup in again and it suctioned right up, but I could feel that the bottom of the cup is almost squished flat. I thought it didn't open, so I tugged and prodded and I couldn't get it to do anything. I took it out and decided to use the 7-fold instead, because I've heard that one pops open easier. It suctioned right up (I like that fold!) but the bottom of the cup still feels flat-ish. I reached up to the rim and it almost feels like the cup IS open, just the bottom is flat. There is plenty of suction, and poking and prodding will not prompt the cup to shift around.
Does anyone know how to solve this? Is it possible that the cup is open with a semi-flat bottom? If it's not open, why is there suction?
Does poking around and pulling on the cup while it is suctioned give you cramps?

There must be someone out there to help...please? I've taken it out a reinserted it at least half a dozen times and each time is sucks it right up there with nice suction but it doesn't feel like it's opening and it leaks! What is with this suctioning but not opening? I'm really mad at it right now. :P
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