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non user questions

I'm sorry if you guys have answered these questions 8 million times before.... I did as much reading around the comm as I could before I ended up with more questions than answers.  Thanks for the help.

So.. I've been researching the last few weeks, and I'm getting interested in a cup.  A few questions that I haven't found answers for or would like more input, if you ladies could help me please. :)   My info:  I'm an 8 year IUD user, I've used tampons my entire post-pubescent life, I'm 32, and I've never had (nor want) kids.

A) What are the stems *actually* for? Do the manfs think we should yank them out by the stem?  That doesn't break the suction, does it?  Seems like most of ya's cut 'em off.  Are the measurements referenced throughout the comm before or after the stem is cut?

B) I knocked my cervix  (doesn't that sound dirty!) earlier today with my finger and estimate I'm about 47mm the week after my period... from what I've read this seems to make me smaller then DivaCup range.  Am I in the ballpark on estimating?

C) Seems that women above 30 are supposed to take a larger cup size for leakage purposes... but is it common IRL to still be able to use a smaller one, if one hasn't had kids?  Again, looking at prior info someone suggested testing size with fingers and seemed to estimate 3 for a larger cup...I can 'take' three but it's a bit tight.

D.) How long can a cup stay in?  I think I have light periods... I use regular tampax and only the first day (of 4 days total) do I even come close to maxing it out in 8 hours...  I saw someone say they left a cup in for nearly a day... is that ok if it's on a light day?  I mean that would be great if it's safe, and it doesn't start leaking.

So taking all of that into consideration... any recommendations?  I was really leaning towards a Diva, but not I'm not so sure it would be right for me.

Thanks again.
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