brokensmyl (brokensmyl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Funny Story

Myself, I'm a diva user hoping to switch to another kind. But that's not the point. A little backstory before the funny story: I work at a grocery store and basically stock the health and beauty aisle (including tampons, pads, etc.) I was making my order for my next truck and this lady (who is a regular) came up to me and starting going on and on about how expensive pads were and how everyone should invest in them because no matter what, you have to buy them. Now, at this point, I'm debating telling this stranger about the wonderful world of menstrual cups when I thought better of it (maybe if she wasn't a complete stranger). I just simply said "No, there are other ways..." I don't think she really believed me, but eh, what can ya do? I gave me a good laugh though, so I thought I'd share.

Now a more on topic post. I've decided to switch my diva for a lady cup, but the prices on their website are not in USD. Does anyone know how much the cost is in USD?
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