ditzydoodles (ditzydoodles) wrote in menstrual_cups,

1st time Divacup user

ok - so Ive never user LJ or a Divacup before - so Im a complete noob. This is my story :) it has some questions at the end - coz Im really not sure so far and dont really have any body to ask in real life :S

I started my period a couple of days ago and was using pads (yick with the stickness and the smell and the money down the drain) and I had read about a cup (thank you BBC news Website!) and wanted to try it out - so today I went to the local natural health store and got 1 (YAY for me) ...  so yeah it was a bit of a rush (I figured since Im 'on' now I should try it out!) I didnt have a practice run (wondering if maybe I should have done) did it in the shower since I can clean up any mess afterwards - squatting didnt help, but having my foot on some thing higher than base level did help. Insertion was difficult :S used the C method :S and boy did that hurt!!! it popped at the wrong moment and since I was half way I continued despite the uncomfort (took 2 attempts - which Im impressed with any ways coz I have tight 'underbits' and some thing called 'vaginismus' where basically my 'underbits' panic at the thought of anything entering) so its in. I think I got it right as there is no leakage - althou it certainly does feel weird. Now to the questions ...

1. am I supposed to be able to feel it? right now it feels like a marble sitting in my lips - I think thats the tag on the cup from what Ive read on the forum already but wanted to make sure :S (sorry if this is tmi)
2. is removal difficult? I didnt have practice run so this is all or nothing lol
3. I dont want to move with it inside - even thou its not going to move any where. Mostly coz it feels weird. Natural body reaction to clamp up and not move. Does this not-wanting-to-move fever go away?

I probably have more questions but cant think of any right now - to be honest Im a tad worried and also in wonder of this none-pad feeling :)
Tags: divacup, first time use
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