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I have had a Mooncup ( am in the UK so assume it is a UK one!) for a few years given to me my a friend on my birthday and yesterday was finally inspired to try it as I came on. After washing, trimming and folding it up got it in and thought. At last, no more money to Tampax, Bodyform etc... and better to environment. Brilliant.

Then tried to get it out. And again, again and again. I have tried squatting, relaxing, bearing down, still on the toilet, eventually forefinger, middle and thumb trying to get hold of the thing. Even after bearing down I can feel the end of the tube bit I trimmed but can't get hold and get it out. Tried for a while again and still no joy. Even had a cup of tea, a nights sleep and  a mid morning snooze. It is so far up there!!!

I am not sure if it is suctioned or not. HELPPPPP.

Bearing down I an get in to come down some as when I put my fingers in I cannot feel it, but not enough to grab hold of the little bugger. Am thinking if I can't squeeze this down enough def couldn't give birth!!!

Has anyone has to wait for gravity to help? How long did it take? AM bit worried about having to go to Doc's, (don't really want to ask boyfirend for help) or that it is coming up to 22hrs in. Plus am leaking (quelle surprise) so having to use pad.

I do hope I can get some advice. Off to try again as I had read several posts and a little reassured that people eventually get it out.

Tags: first time use, mooncup (uk), removal, removal - painful or problems
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