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bathwater in miacup!

when i emptied my cup tonight after a bath, i was surprised to find it full of what i think was bathwater!  is this a sign that my cup may be too small for me?  i had had problems with leaking before, but i'm relatively new to the whole menstrual cup thing, so i just assumed it was because i didn't have it in right.  this is my fourth time around, and now i'm also on nuvaring, and i noticed that while the "bulk" of the period stays in the cup, i get some watery leakage.  i do the swirl thing and finger check to make sure the cervix (that's what that bump is, right?) is within the cup opening perimeter, so i feel like it's in correctly, and now the only thing i can think of is that i should trade it in for the bigger size.  any advice? 
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