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Gah, couldn't find the info in the memories

I remember seeing a specific brand comparison by someone who had all the different cups that focused on "softness". I really loved my Mooncup UK, but alas it fell on the Amtrak bathroom floor and did not feel that even a good boiling would help much. I am interested in purchasing another one, but wouldn't mind giving a different brand a try. The one issue I had with the Mooncup UK was that it was too stiff and could feel it inside me; albeit minimally, it was still so weird. Refresh my memory, which cup is the softest?

Another question I had, is I noticed that couple of the cups (namely the Lunette) had a flat, solid stem. For the girls that have tried the hollow and the solid, which do you prefer and why? Does the solid make it any easier to remove? I really like the ridges on the Diva and Mooncup UK; they made it SOOOO much easier to remove!

Anyway, I'm just having a hard time compiling the wealth of information into what I'm looking for. In the short of it, I want something that is smaller, softer, and has ridges on the base and stem!

What happened with my Mooncup UK is quite an interesting story. I was traveling by train and the bathrooms aren't much larger than an airplane bathroom. It was a multi-day trip so I definitely had to clean it out. There are no knobs that keep the water running. You basically have to pump the water. I was half asleep when I did this. I tried maneuvering the cup/my hands so that they didn't touch the sides of the sink or the spicket itself for sanitation reasons. It was also really hard to get my hands completely clean bumping around on the tracks, so I tried to hold the cup as little as possible which caused it to snap open during folding and fly onto the floor. (Sorry if this isn't entirely making sense; I'm trying my hardest.)

Basically what I'm asking, is how in the hell do you clean your cup in iffy situations such as this, when you don't even feel you can get your hands very clean?

It was a very sad loss indeed. Luckily I had pads with me as well.
Tags: brand comparisons, cleaning

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