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A few questions about the lady cup!

Hello all of you!!
I'm new to this community, but not entirely new to cups in general. One of my friends convinced me to try the (small) diva, and while I was very intrigued by the concept, I was kind of uncomfortable to have it inside me. It popped open rather painfully, and the suction was so strong that removal was a b*tch.
Now, after a few months of returning to pads/tampons, I am wanting to give the lady cup a try. I have a fairly short canal (I think it's actually very short) and am rather narrow as well, so the lady cup seems to be a good fit. I am also glad that it's more squishy, because I'm hoping it'll mean easier insertion/removal.
One other thing to note, before I get into my questions, is that I am blind. I wouldn't feel it necessary to mention this, but it makes a difference in a) my not being able to see the diagrams outlining various folding methods; b) I am so, so, so paranoid of leaving blood on the inside of the toilet during removal (I share a bathroom with a guy--I am in university!!). Any thoughts on how to avoid this?

1. I am in Canada, and am wondering where to purchase the lady cup from. Have other Canadians here (if there are any) ordered from ebay? does the cup-maker ship to Canada? (I believe the lady cup company is based in Germany or the CR or something?). I am looking for speedy, discrete delivery to Canada.

2. I've heard that since the lady cup is kind of squishy, it often stays folded after insertion. Is there any way to avoid this? if so, can you please describe (in as much detail as possible) the folding method that works best for this? I'm sorry I'm asking for such a detailed discription--but obviously pictures won't help LOL.

3. I tend to suffer from relatively painful abdominal cramps whileI'm on my period, and have thus always hated inserting anything into my vag because it seemed to make the cramping worse (almost as if it was pushing into my servix which in turn felt as though it was plowing into my other internal organs-ouch!). Do those of you who have the lady cup find that it makes stomach cramping worse? better? no effect?

4. When the lady cup is correctly inserted in you, can you tell it's there? I could always feel the diva cup in me, even after trimming the stem (remember, I have a short vag apparently).

5. What method do you find is best (and least painful) to remove the cup? I think I have really psyched myself up because of the difficulty and pain involved in removing the diva cup.

Thank you so much in advance for reading/replying. I've browsed through past posts, and realize that these questions are probably asked so often--but I know that everyone has their own concerns and we all feel better when our own questions are addressed. This seems like an absolutely fantastic community though, and I am so glad to be a member!!
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