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I have used, over the last few years, Insteads (intermittently for a few months), a Diva (for almost two years), a Moooncup(UK) (for about three cycles now) and a Lunette (this week), all small sizes (except Instead, for which small sizes are unavailable).  I'm 24, nulliparous, no HBC, average to heavy flow.
  • Comfort-wise, all cups are about the same when inserted properly.  When Insteads are not fully opened, they are painful.   I also could not lie down with an Instead inserted because it was painful.  I have no trouble lying down in any other cup.  I prefer the shorter cups to the Diva, but do not find the Diva uncomfortable.
  • Seal and suction in all the cups is roughly equal.
  • In terms of ease of use, I'm confident in placing the Mooncup(UK) as the most user-friendly cup.  It's the only one that has opened consistently easily for me, most likely because of the stiff rim.  With the Lunette, Diva, and Instead cups,  I found that sometimes I could insert them easily, and sometimes it would take upwards of a half an hour to re-insert a cup properly.  I'd recommend the Mooncup(UK) for anyone who experiences muscle tension during their period - if it causes you to involuntarily clench your muscles, it will not allow the less-firm cups to pop open, which might allow leaks. 
  • There have been other posts about capacity for the bell-shaped cups.  I'd estimate that an Instead holds about as much or even slightly more than a small Diva.  For those with a heavy flow, a Mooncup(UK) might require some backup overnight and more frequent emptying during the day; however, the fact that it's easy to re-insert makes use during the day easier.
  • For exercise, all the above cups are ideal - no leaks, shifting, or discomfort.
  • While I'd recommend any cup over pads and tampons, I recommend bell-shaped cups over Insteads, and the Mooncup(UK) out of the bell-shaped cups I've tried.
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, divacup, instead, lunette, mooncup (uk)
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