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gah! white globbies!

so when i took my cup out tonight, there were white globby things on the OUTSIDE of it! wtf???? they smelled like my normal discharge, but they were soooo weird...and ALL over the outside of the cup. the inside of the cup was normal, bloody goop.

the only thing i can think of that is different is that i have been using hydrocortisone a lot recently to control this condition i have called Lichen Simplex Chronicus that makes my ladyparts itch FEROCIOUSLY and has been flaring up like crazy the past couple of days. when not on my period, the hydrocort and the prescription steroid cream sometimes make me have heavier discharge. anybody out there with medical knowledge that could explain the white globbies?

i've been thinking of making a gyno appointment soon anyways; this just confirms my wanting to.

otherwise the cup was great today, made it through yoga and lots of walking, no prob whatsoever. this just freaked me out tonight :-(

::Edit-- Thank you all! apparently i'm pretty normal :-) woot!::

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