cinnamon_06 (cinnamon_06) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Day 1 using my Diva cup

Well, Today was the first day of my period. I had done a few dry runs, just to be sure I could get the cup in and out, but have anxiously been awaiting my period, which of course, showed up late!!!

So, We were out of the house and I didn't have the cup with me...(figures since i've been carrying it around for 2 weeks just in case, even wore it a few times when i didn't want to be surprised)

I told my dear sweetie that we needed to go straight straight home because I was feeling VERY crampy and knew i had a matter of minutes. We went home, I straight to the bathroom. Wooh-hooh, made it before i ruined my panties. Got the cup in, went in really well. We went and ran more errands. The cup seemed to be sitting lower and bugging me just slightly, still not as bad as tampons though. When we got home, 5 hours later, i decided i probably needed to check this thing out and see how we were doing. I had NO leaks.

I decided to remove the cup in the shower because I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting in to. So, I jumped in the shower, it felt so good, took the scissors with me, because I decided to trim the stem, thinking that might be what was bothering me.

I removed the cup and was amazed at how little I had bled in the past 5 hours. Like 1/2 an oz. Not near as bad as I thought. and it wasn't as messy as i thought either. I trimmed the stem, and put it back in. Now, it was kind of "poking me" so i took it back out and made sure i didn't have any sharp points on the stem. Put it back in, and i wouldn't even know i was on my period if i didn't feel like crap!

I have had the cup in since, and that was about 3 or 4 hours ago. I feel great, and I am definately a convert!

I'll be sticking with the cup, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread!
Tags: divacup, first time use, success stories
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