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1st time cup user + Sucess with Lunette

Lol, here I am again

I'm so happy cause I inserted, wore for two hours, and removed the small size Lunette! - with considerable effort, but for my first wet run, it was satisfying. (I've kept the computer with the browser window open at Menstrual cups on, the entire time, to feel "supported")

Some factors slowed down my progress: very tight coochie, long fingernails, difficulty relaxing (I've general anxiety)

Insertion in shower didn't work, but I had success sitting over the toilet, using the origami fold. I aimed it towards the floor a little, as people here recommend. The weird thing is, I did not feel or hear a pop. When I inserted a finger to feel the rim though, the cup was completely suctioned with the vagina wall.

I walked around with the cup and it felt very comfortable - I couldn't feel it except for the pointy thing (will trim that, I guess...) I realized it's impossible to tell when blood is leaving the cervix when on the cup. When you're wearing a pad, it passes between the sensitive bits. That could be potentially icky for me in the future... I'll have to be checking the cup every couple of hours for fear of leaks.

Anyway, removal took much longer. I couldn't break the seal. When I tried pushing the tip of the rim, the cup simply turned around on its axis. Each time I pushed, it hurt me as well, for some reason. I decided to try squatting in the shower, and it worked. I positioned one finger on the tail of the cup, and pushed the rim in with another finger (different hand) while bearing down. It worked at breaking the seal, and I just slowly pulled the tail down while keeping the cup folded on its way out.

So I  can't 'wait to do this again tomorrow, but I was surprised at how much fluid the cup accumulated during two hours. Half of the cup was already full. Hmm!
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