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thanks to my lovely Diva, i was able to take a bath tonight! a bath! during my period! will wonders never cease???

i had a little trouble this morning when i first put it in, i couldnt tell if it was leaking or if it was just the residual stuff in my vaj coming out...eventually it seemed to work though, and i had a very good day with it.

however, tomorrow i go back to school, and have to deal with it there! and i know there are millions of posts about this, and i will go look through them, but i'm still not sure exactly what i'm gonna do about cleaning. i don't shower every day, generally, so that's out. hmmm. i think what i'll do is bring a bottle of water into the stall with me at night to rinse it out, but during the day just dump and wipe and reinsert...will wash better in the shower, but i'm freaked about using soap since people are so adamant about using bland stuff :-/ so i think i'll skip the soap, and just boil it in the microwave or pour boiling water over it or whatever at the end of my cycle. or maybe i'll buy a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide. ugh. decisions, decisions...

do you lovely people think i'll be ok without using soap? has anyone used regular body wash (i use bath and body works) to clean theirs, and with what results?
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