saltlesstears (saltlesstears) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup use with Nuva Ring

I know there have been some topics if and how to use a menstrual cup with the Nuva Ring and if it was possible. I have been using the two together and thought I'd share how i do it without worrying about if the ring is *in* the cup, and thus not fully in contact with my vagina walls and if that was compromising my protection.
I use the 7 fold and insert my cup first. Before I turn to get suction I inset my ring ensuring that is in full contact with my walls. I have had no problems with leaks this way. It times I do feel rather *full though* and that can cause some discomfort, esp. if I have to have a BM. I'm wondering if one of the softer cups would solve that problem. Does anyone have any experiences with that?
Have a great weekend!
Tags: nuvaring

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