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Lady Cup (small) versus the Diva Cup (size 1), one Vagina's Experience

Earlier this year, I purchased a Lady Cup and loved it. Still love it. It has a few quirks, but it's revolutionized my monthly routine. It worked so well that I decided to get a back up cup, to keep at work or in the car for times my period shows up ahead of schedule. I didn't have it in the budget to purchase another Lady Cup right away, so I figured it would be something I would do in a year or so.

So when I found that great deal on Diva's posted by Lutyalapo, I thought, what the heck. I'll try the Diva.

About a week later, my period started, and I gave the Diva a go. And... well, I can see why so many people like it, but it really doesn't work for me, and here's why:

My canal is very, very long. The Lady Cup sits up so high that when I have to remove it, I can't even feel the tip of the stem (which is unaltered). There is a lot of bearing down, then I can get ahold of the stem and pull it out the rest of the way. The Diva also sat very high up, but with the itty bitty stem and the ridiculously strong suction, it is very very painful to remove.

Also, the Lady Cup is nice and squishy, making for easy insertion and making it virtually unnoticeable during wear (except when my cervix dips nice and low and the stem pokes me in the side). The Diva is very stiff and likes to pop open during insertion, very very noticeable during wear (I felt like I had to pee allllll thhhheee tiiimmmmeeee and it made BM's very difficult.

I will say this for the Diva- it was surprisingly easy to clean, with the exception of the holes. (Even the fill the cup with water and suction it onto my hand method didn't work.)

In summation- the Diva cup will be useful as a back up cup when I've left the Lady Cup at home, but I think I really lucked out picking the Lady Cup the first time.
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