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My story regarding sizing and experience so far

Hi there!

I have two cups; one Mooncup (B) and one Lunette (size 2, the bigger size). Tried the Mooncup UK and liked it. But I needed a cup with bigger capacity as I am a very heavy bleeder so I went for the Lunette. However, what I didn't count on was:

1. The Lunette is poking me all the time. (Even made me wetting my pants once! Luckily I was at home!)
2. The Lunette is extremely painful to remove.
3. The Lunette holds just as much as the Mooncup because the Lunette is squeezed together (as a very flat oval) when inserted, which means the volume is diminished. (Use a menstrual cup, fill it with water and hold it between your index finger and thumb. Squeeze it and you will se the water running over the edge. My Lunette is very "squeezed"  when inserted)

1. I have the wrong shape/size for the Lunette. I must be the first one which the Lunette doesn't work on, considering "everyone" raves about the Lunette! 
2. A bigger cup doesn't automatically mean you will get more volume out of it! It depends highly on how well it keeps its shape while inserted.

(I have tried the Mooncup UK during three periods, and the Lunette during two of them)

I hope my input regarding sizing might help someone else in their buying decisions! All the best to you ladies!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, lunette, mooncup (uk), sizes/size issues

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