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I've been trying out the divacup for the past few days and initially I was experiencing constant leaking. What I realized, through reading some posts on this site, is that the position of your cervix determines whether or not a particular menstrual cup will be appropriate. Prior to trying the divacup I didn't know that my cervix sat low (close to the entrance of my vagina). I followed the directions on the package and on the website but no matter what I did I still experienced leakage. When I searched out the location of my cervix and positioned the divacup accordingly (below the cervix) I discovered that the bottom of the divacup (not just the tab) sat right at the entrance of my vagina. In the correct position I don't experience any leakage however I can constantly feel the darn thing with every move I make and it drives me up the wall. I'm going to give my divacup away to a friend and try to find another cup more appropriate to my bodytype.
This is the one thing I've noticed that all the cups and their websites fail to mention and it's something that many women aren't aware of. So my advice is: know where your cervix is and make sure the cup is placed properly according to your own body, not according to what a menstrual cup manufacturer says.
The divacup is the largest of all other cups on the market. If you find that your cervix sits low (that you can reach it very easily) then I wouldn't recommend purchasing the largest and longest cup on the market.
Tags: cervix position, divacup, first time use, sizes/size issues

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