Call me crazy (earthymama42) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Call me crazy

Diva cup not needed anymore

If this is not allowed I'm sorry. I have a size 1 Diva Cup that I can't use any longer. I used it for 2 years and now that I finally got to have a vaginal birth I needed to get a size 2 after bleeding all over the place assuming it would be okay.

So I have a size 1 if anyone wants to buy a used cup. I believe I've heard people mention they had bought used on this community before. I did trim the stem off of it.

No idea what to ask for it. I think I paid $25 3 years ago for it and I think they are cheaper than that now? Maybe $10? Whatever. Does anyone want it? I accept paypal and have 100% positive feedback on ebay among other places. I just don't have the money to ship it out.

I'm just going to throw it away. Forget I said anything. And please no comments about other uses for it. If I found some other use for it I'm quite certain my husband would be grossed out. Mods you are welcome to delete this post.
Tags: divacup
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