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Menstrual Cup LOVE

I just got back from a trip to Belize. I took my Diva cup "just in case" because my period was supposed to start the day we left. Instead, it started the day we arrived. I was thrilled to have the cup, and I can't even rave enough about how much easier it was than pads or tampons WHILE TRAVELING!

Here's what my cup and I did that I just couldn't've done with a tampon:
  • An all day trip down a slow river on an innertube (through a cave system!). There was no place to stop to throw out a soggy old tampon, but the cup held up and wasn't even full of river water when I got to dry land!

  • A snorkeling trip to swim with sting rays and nurse sharks. They were feeding the nurse sharks and giant groupers (fish) bits of dead fish to attract them to the boat. Swimming with the sharks is not a time you want to be bleeding ANYWHERE on your body!

  • And an entire day of snorkeling and spear-fishing. Our fishing (for our lunch) attracted sharks and also there is no place I could've changed a tampon on a tiny motor boat. I would have bled all over the boat seat as we rode from one place to another.

So... yeah. Despite the fact I started my period the day we arrived and it stopped the day we left, I had a great time because the Diva is so great. I liked my cup before, but now I truly LOVE it!
Tags: divacup, sports/physical activities, success stories
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