Laura (teekoness) wrote in menstrual_cups,

On the road to success?

I was only able to get part of my Diva in on the first day and I resolved myself to waiting until I got some lube. But on the second day I realized how little in the way I had left of tampons so I through my hands up and thought "What the hell?" and tried again. This time I used the punchdown fold and managed to get my cup in on the second without too much trouble. As to what I did differently, I have no clue at all. The positioning and folds were all things I had tried multiple times before. Maybe the position of my cervix changed?

While either way, I think the first time I didn't get it to seal or open properly since about an hour later while I was on the Skytrain to school and I felt something go THWACK and I jumped a little bit in my seat, garnering a couple stares. @_@  It didn't hurt but it's not something I'm used to. It's day three and I think I'm getting the hang of getting it in properly. Thankfully the people on the train are used to sleep deprieved students so weird behaviour can be passed onto other reasons.

No leaks so far, but I am having trouble getting it out. I think it's the suction. I'm unable to get my finger of the rim and even bearing down I have trouble grabbing and sucessfully pinching the bottom the bottom. Either way I'm loving my cup so far, it's definitely a keeper.
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