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...and that's when I exploded.

A (true) story about a brand-new Diva experience, from a Mooncup UK user. Whenever IHerb was having the $.99 shipping deal, I ordered a Diva, thinking "WOW, thats only 14.98 including shipping!". And besides, my girlfriend and I had been sharing a single Mooncup UK up until this point.

WELL... long story short...
My recent periods had been pretty light, and so I thought nothing about it when I inserted the new Diva this morning before class. Three hours later I come home, use the bathroom, see no spotting, and go to lay down. However, I can't get comfortable, because I still feel pressure like I have to pee again. So I wiggle around and check the position of the cup, which feels rather high. ...and THAT'S when I exploded. I feel a pop, and the RED SEA issues forth from my loins. Not even joking. I am standing in my bedroom, my legs clenched together, trying to stop the blood from reaching the beige carpet. Its running down my legs at this point, to my calves, and I am yelling at the top of my lungs for my girlfriend to come up from downstairs.

She bursts through the door and immediately assumes I've hemorrhaged or something horrid like that and is all "OHMYGOD WHAT HAPPENED?!" To which I can only say, "I leaked?"

So yeah. A very exciting first time with the Diva. Has anyone else ever had this explosion problem with the diva? I have the smaller size in both Diva and Mooncup UK.
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