hippiechick1970 (hippiechick1970) wrote in menstrual_cups,

By jove I think she's got it!

I just finished my 2nd period with my Divacup. The first month was hit or miss in its insertion and leak control. I had posted after the first use and recd loads of great advice. I am glad, no thrilled, to report that I GOT IT TO WORK 100% the entire week of use. No leaks, no discomfort, and little to no difficulties in insertion.For me the best all over advice was to find the position of my cervix before my period started to better judge where the heck the cup had to sit. I have a tipped uterus and it's made my cervix move WAY to the the left. Once I found where it was, the insertion ideas were wonderful to help me get the cup to open. A few times it was a challenge but it was musch easier compared to the first month. I am sure the next time I use her, it will be even easier for me.It was so terrific to not have to carry around 2 pounds of pads/tampons in my purse.( Or worry if one would fall out when i got my wallet out at a resteraunt or the grocery store :) LOL
This site is the best, thank you all so very very much! I wish  women trying to use a cup loads of luck-and keep trying!!!!
Thanks again

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