Laura (teekoness) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hey there, I just bought my DivaCup (TM of course) over a month ago, a few days prior to my expected period, and was very excited. Of course Murphy's Law happened and I ended up skipping my period. Now a month later, Murphy is plaguing me again by not letting the bloody (unfortunately not as bloody as it should be) go in.

It takes a lot of work just to get it a third of the way in and then it won't go any further. It hurts too. I've looked at the various photographs and tried the various folds with no success (I'm still not sure if I'm getting them right though). I've tried the different angles as well. I'm trying to relax both my jaw and my vaginal muscles. I've tried the hot shower technique and the getting the Diva wet before entry.

In all cases it end up hurting early in the insertion process. Hell, I've even tried the masturbation trick  but in recent years, it takes forever before I get wet. I can barely  put two fingers in there without it getting grumpy.

Help? I'm a twenty-three year old virgin and I've got the right size.
Tags: divacup, insertion, insertion - painful or problems
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