cherrysecret (cherrysecret) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Unlucky dry run :(

I just had my first dry run with the Lunette (smaller size). This is not how I wanted my first trial to turn out :( I used lube (but not inside the vagina too), the punch-down fold and was able to get it in. (never thought I'd get it in!)

Taking it out was a different story... I wanted to get it out because I read a horror story of a woman almost losing it inside of her and her husband had to get it out for her... But actually that was an Instead cup.

It didn't want to come out, but I could tell it didn't pop open. So I bore down, grabbed the end and just tugged it out as strongly as I could. It poped open on the way out, and there was *eek* blood on the cup, even though it's not my period. The blood was not bright red, but maroon, which means that I injured myself perhaps the moment I started pulling on the cup. Wth?

Is it ok to bleed with dry runs? Could there be permanent damage?
Tags: dry run, first time use, health risks, removal - painful or problems
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