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From UK Lunette distributor

I've been emailing Sarah-May, the Lunette distributor for UK and she sent me these emails:

"I agree with your comments.  This is how it is in the UK:
Mooncup apparently did advertise on the London Underground trains though I didn't see the ad myself.  (It will have cost them a packet.  I bet they don't have a massive budget either though they are more established).
I used my savings to buy a first batch of cups, and made a small loss in my first year trading.  There isn't much money in this industry...due to the long lasting nature of the product.  However there is health and comfort to be gained from using menstrual cups, and I was so impressed with mine I wanted to tell the world.  Hence becoming involved and selling them, but I earn my living working other jobs.  Lunette UK is something I do because I believe in it.  I do hope to make a profit in the next financial year, or possibly the one after, but no as yet there is no money for advertising. 
We are up against multi-national companies who make a fortune out of us women, and supermarkets who won't stock menstrual cups.  In the UK the supermarkets are saying it is because "the market isn't ready" for this product.  I don't believe that.  I think they see the loss of revenue from loss of sales of disposable products, and that is as far as they look. 
So far it is word of mouth.  I have prepared mailing lists for Family Planning Clinics, VSO, Colleges, the Student Union and talked to school nurses,  I am working on the education angle.  Advertising costs are so high over here (and I imagine over there too). 
I have tried to raise interest by sending out press releases, and got no feedback what-so-ever.
If you have any ideas I would be really pleased to hear them.  If I win the lottery I thought about buying hundreds of cups and giving them away.  That should get some press coverage!  In the meantime I will continue to work at it slowly and methodically.  It is up to us, ladies.
Kindest regards,

and this one today:

I am spending this week in the middle of a shopping centre in Skipton, Yorkshire, England, having hired a "barrow", (photo attached) telling the world about menstrual cups.  The ladies are not at all sure, but the lads are happy to talk to me about it, and the security guard is going to ask his wife if she wants one.  If she does he is going to buy her one. "


If anyone has ideas how to help her spread the word or anything, email her at
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