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How does Miacup package look like? Mooncup cramps, and Lunette holes

Hi all!
3 questions here.

1)Miacup shipment and package:
Anyone who can tell how the package from Miacup looks like, and how big it is in inches or centimeters?
From people who bought from the site, cause im not sure if the gift cups they sent out was different package?
And what do they write on the package,  do they write $48.96 as value?
Im not asking because it have to be discrete, but because of customs here were i live.
Im thinking of ordering next month, but i really hope it will go through customs... Cause else its about $40-50 extra costs...
But i cant get it out of my mind ;-)

2)Mooncup uk and extra cramps:
Last period i used my Mooncup uk (i usually use Lunette) and i had more cramps. Does this have a connection? The mooncup design bothers me, its not very comfortable for my body so i thought that might cause the cramps.

3)Holes on Lunette: 
Does anyone here have the same problem as me, that the Lunette holes is difficult to clean? It like its not a clean cut, but have edges, and its annoying. It have been like that all the time, and i do prefer the mooncup uk holes because its a clean cut, and i can easily get them clean, even without soap, with Lunette i use tons of soap and have to clean the holes by putting rolled up papertowel in them.


Tags: cramps, lunette, miacup, mooncup (uk)

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