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New and some questions not found in tags and faq

Hi all, new to the community, and have already posted my intro. I've been reading through the FAQs and tags with a few questions that may or may not be easy to answer.

I'm expecting my first baby in January, and before conception exclusively used OB tampons, because I didn't know about cups, and these were the smallest, least obnoxious ones I could find. Also, even though I know the vagina stretches and the cervix kind of changes position during certain times, I'm relatively small. (I'm not basing this off of personal comparisons, lol. But the fact that I can almost always feel my cervix, and the simplest things hurt without lube. Not really gonna go there though.)

I've read a few entries about cervical position in relation to the cup (very informative BTW) and I'm curious if this will be a possible problem for me after the baby is born, what with stretching. I can always feel it and I worry that I may be unable to comfortably use a cup if the only tampon that didn't bother me was teeny tiny.

I know my body will change after the baby is born, and I have no idea what differences to expect when switching from tampons to cups, or if my size before will have an impact on my size after.

So these are my questions, I guess summarized:

In general did you notice a big difference between pre-baby and postpartum use of cups?

Does size either before or after really play a role in determining which cup might be suited to an individual?

Does anyone find that they can ONLY use smaller cups because of their size, and should I even worry about this not knowing how things will go?

There are so many options, and really no way of guessing how things will be down there "after." So I guess really I wanted to get everyone else's P.O.V.s on it.

Sorry if these seem stupid and pointless, but I keep searching through old entries and pre- and post pregnancy is not really a big topic. Let me know if it is out of place, or please point me to the entries I'm looking for if these things have been discussed already.

I'm already frazzled from searching for cloth diapers, and postpartum pads, and there is just SO much to take in for a relatively ignorant/uninformed (at least on these topics, I hope) person like myself who never heard of any of this until now... So ANY help would be awesome!
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