Autumn Sylver (autumn_sylver) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Autumn Sylver

The keeper moon cup vs divacup

I just ordered a moon cup from south coast shopping. The thing is, I thought I was ordering a mooncup UK, but when I took a second look at the invoice that was emailed to me, it was a Keeper mooncup, which I'm not interested in buying. I sent an email to south coast shopping to find out if I can change/cancel my order, and I'm waiting for them to email me back.
What I wanted to know is, if I end up getting stuck with the keeper mooncup, how does it compare to the divacup? Has anybody had leaking problems with the divacup and had better luck with the keeper mooncup?

Also, does anybody know where I can get a cheap mooncup UK? The only site I can find to order one from is, but it will cost about $37 Canadian if I buy it from there. I bought one from south coast shopping because it was on sale for $19.99, but I thought it was the UK mooncup. I'm really disappointed that it's not.

Edit: Ok, I think I'm going to give the keeper moon cup a try, but now I'm wondering if I should get size A instead of size B, which is the one I ordered. I use a size 1 divacup, and it seems to fit pretty well, but it leaks, which is why I'm getting another cup. The size B moon cup is 2 mm smaller than the size 1 divacup. The size A moon cup is only 1 mm bigger, so I'm thinking I should probably get that one. What do all of you think?

Edit #2: Well, I'm getting a size B moon cup whether I like it or not. I got an email from south coast shopping today saying my order has been shipped. I was surprised. I didn't think it would ship so soon, especially on a Saturday. I probably won't get to try it out until my next period though. It started today, and I figure I probably won't get the cup until at least the end of this week.
Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, keeper moon cup, leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk), where to buy

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