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New to Femmecup

Hi I'm new to this site and community. I've recently started using Femmecup and have used it for two periods now.  My question is this: The first month seemed quite a lot. I had 7mls the first day, 30mls the second, 15mls the third and 7mls. And when I thought I'd finished my period and stopped using it I had brown spotting for a couple of days after. This time round 7mls, 10mls, 5mls and two days of not even 1ml. I've only recently started charting my cycles and I've always used pads and tampons, so I can't really say what a normal flow is except that I'm not a heavy bleeder normally but I would say that normally I would have 1-2 days heavy and 2-3 days light with one day of light spotting totalling 5 days. I came off the pill a year ago so my cycles have been out of whack a bit, but would the first month have been my body getting used to the new method and this month is now my normal, or is the light period I have just had extra light. It's just that I was quite shocked when I pulled out my cup for the last time on the third day and found virtually nothing in it. The blood was dark red and I'm pretty sure its too much to be implantation bleeding so I've ruled that out even though it came a day sooner than I expected it. I know people have said their periods are lighter using the cup.

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