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Newbie with a Miacup and issues

Hi! I just got my miacup a short while ago. I wanted to share my story thus far and perhaps get some more advice than what I've already read in the memories and online. It's my first time with a cup and I really want to make the switch from tampons but unfortunately thus far it's been an utter failure for me.

I opted for the larger sized miacup becuase I'm 32 and I have given birth (vaginal with forceps). I did a dry run with it when I first got it and it was so painful that I was nearly in tears. Not to mention - I couldn't get the damn thing out without causing more pain.

It was not fun.

My cervix was pretty low at the time and my partner felt around for me and discovered that my cervix was l filling the entire cup. I couldn't move the cup any lower as it would then be nearly out - I'm small lengthwise and it's easy to reach my cervix. My cervix itself is large and very misshapen due to having given birth. It's like it's been splayed or flattened, as if after it was opened, it never closed again and there's one bit of it that sticks out further than the rest (think like a flower that's is a bit open with one petal opened more than all the rest). To further compound the issue, not only was my cervix low, it was slightly tilted which I think added to the discomfort.

I'm worried that if I go smaller, it would be worse given the size and weird shape of my cervix. I thought about flipping the cup inside out but I REALLY need a stem to pull it out (I presume you cut the stem off and then flip it cause if you didn't it would poke the cervix, right?). I know I might need to just suck it up and learn how to manage without a stem because I'm finding the stem irritates my ... well I don't know what the heck it's called - we call it the alien because, well, it looks like the one from the movie of the same name LOL  ... as far as we can tell, it's the bit that's part of or under the perineum and it looks different because of the episiotomy. I don't know!! I'm very weird LOL - heck, I don't even have any inner labia. Either way, the stem is damn annoying! : )

Right now I got my period and decided to try again, hoping my cervix would have shifted. After a lot of trouble getting it to pop (don't know why cause I didn't have any problem during the dry run), I got it in and I have the same problem. I'm comfortable when I'm sitting but as soon as I stand up and move about, it's painful.

Should I give up on the miacup and go for a shorter one?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/insights.

Oh and .... yay for being a lesbian because you can compare and discuss so much (my partner is 26 and has not given birth - she's ordered a small ladycup but it hasn't arrived yet) and for being comfortable enough with your partner to spend ages examining each other to learn more about bodies! : )

Tags: cervix position, miacup, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming
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