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Lunette problem


I've just finished my 3rd cycle with the Lunette. I really want to love it but still got a big problem with it.
It's leaking when I lay down and move in bed. I also noticed - now that I got back to school - that I have the same problem when I'm sat for a long time. When I stand up and go back home, I can feel the cup moving a bit, and air going in and out. As the seal is broken, it leaks, and I can't replace the cup properly as there are no toilets in the streets and it is not very discreet to do that in public.!

First I thought it was not really sealed when I put it in but I checked several times and it was properly sealed. Plus, it's working fine when I put it in and just walk or sit for a short time during the day.

Then I wondered whether it was because of my cervix position, which is very low, and could disturb the Lunette position, but I came here and found at that it was not a problem since the cervix was "in" the cup. And that is exactly the position of my cup when I use it.

I really don't want to give it up but now I'm not at ease when I go to school with it or when I sleep, or even when I go to the cinema, the restaurant.... and I really don't want to use pads with it...

Maybe the Lunette is not the right cup for me. ?...

I thank from advance advices from those who faced the same problem and went through it, or from others who could give me a piece of information.

PS :I'm 19 and childless

PS 2 : I'm french so pardon me for possible faults or incoherent sentences!
Tags: cervix position, leakage & spotting, lunette

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