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Gynecologists and cups

So [Bad username: [sabishii_kirito]'s earlier post put in me thinking mode (cuidado!). She commented that, "When I got screened I asked that doctor about the cup, and while she hadn't heard of them before, she didn't seem to think it would cause any problems."

I utilize services at Planned Parenthood now, but at my last exam with a private practitioner, I was faced with a similar situation. About two years ago, I mentioned my interest in reusable cups to my gyno. She simply replied, "I think you're better off sticking with condoms and the pill."

Before I could work out what the heck she was talking about, she offered the cliche "and-we're-done-here" smile and handshake.

Maybe I'm proselytizing, but I believe cups are not some whackadoo fringe craze. I think they're a very legitimate, viable option for women. Why does a medical professional who focuses on pink lady parts NOT have knowledge about this subject?!

Tomorrow (well, later today...) I'm going to PP for my semi-annual exam and I plan on bringing my cup use up and seeing what feedback I receive.

So. Has anyone had any similar experiences? What about positive experiences? Either way, discuss!
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