therecklesslady (therecklesslady) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Do they all sit the same?

I didn't see anything in the archives that dealt with this directly (if there is, please, please, point me there!)BUT! I have a Lady Cup, just bought a Diva to try it out, but after just looking at it and holding it- this thing makes me nervous. Maybe because it's so much bigger than the Lady Cup, and the stem is almost non-existent...but I'm worried about getting it out. The Lady Cup sits super high, to the point where even bearing down is not enough to bring it low enough for me to get out- and forget about breaking the seal before taking it out! I have no idea how I'll deal if the Diva sits as high as the Lady Cup for me.

So here's my question for you ladies: If you have more than one brand of cup, do you find that they sit the same for you, or do they all have their own resting spots in your vagina?

(If it's likely that they tend to sit in the same spot, I'm going to get rid of the Diva and get another Lady Cup for back up.)
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