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NIB Diva Cup sale

Hi ladies,

I bought a Diva cup size 2 that I haven't used yet, still in the box with pin, bag & brochure. I can't return it because my partner bought it and tossed the receipt. I'm a long-time tampon/pad user who wants to make the switch but am nervous about the large size of the Diva 2, and the long length of Diva in general. Not to knock it cos it seems to work for a lot of gals, but I bought it against my better judgment cos it's most readily available in local stores. ::headdesk:: Ah the joys of impulse buying. I'll be turning 42 next month, but I'm not that tall (5' 2") and am nulliparous (no kids). I've got serious doubts about my purchase even though my 1st days of my period are super-tampon heavy. Any takers?? For reference, please check out my eBay username: she_sells650, with a feedback score of 34/100%. After lurking on these forums and reading the various resources, I think a different brand like Lunette would be a better fit for me, and need to fund the replacement. Asking $25 o.b.o. via Paypal. Retail price is $32. Thanks for looking!
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