yellowsunflowers (jmnstars) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What to do with unused/unopened/unwanted menstrual products?

I just recently started using a menstrual cup (Lunette) and I have all of these menstrual products just hanging out in my bathroom cabinet.  What should I do with them?  They are all perfectly fine - only the outer box has been opened, not any of the individually wrapped packages.  Can/should I Freecycle them?  Does anybody know of a shelter/organization that would like them?  I guess I should keep a few for visitors who run into an emergency, but then again, there is a Walgreen's, Rite Aide, Longs Drug AND a Walmart w/in walking distance from my house...

*I was directed here after posting on Vaginapagina.  A user said this community could help me find creative ways to use my menstrual products!  lol  TIA!
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