Tab (tab2004) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Got my Diva cup

And couldnt wait to get it out and cleaned for a dry run. Im due to start in a few days anyway so figured might as well give it a go. Once it was prepped, i did the U fold and gave it a shot, first insert, NO issues and then figured since it wasnt felt i was good to go, so tried a removal. Its seal broke semi easy when i pinched it, which is another plus.

However there was some blood on/ in it, and I wasnt sure if this is me spotting before hand or if i scraped myself, who knows, so i figured id reinsert and see what morning brings. Second try i could not get it open, removed and tried again and it popped right open that try.
I was worried a bit about how it may feel or if id feel it at all. I hardly notice it, asside from the stem a little bit. ive walked around a bit and sat for a bit now and its still feeling fine. Im rather excited about this and thats cool for me.

Thanks to everyone for the input ive read here, hopefully ive found a new monthly friend!

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