shelleb (shelleb) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Anaemia, Hypoglycemia and the Diva Cup 2!

Ok firstly, thanks to everyone who previously suggested I buy the 2nd Diva Cup (for +30 yr olds) to deal with my insane loss of blood each month! It has helped a lot, I don't have to empty quite as much so I'm definitely happy with that!

Ok so to date I've lost 152mls of blood this period (give or take a bit cos I find it hard to estimate the amounts when they're not on the marker line) oh and I'm on day 5 and usually my period lasts 7 days so I'll lose a bit more than that also. So I'm just wanting to ask anyone that HAS Anaemia- what kind of symptoms do you have? Can anaemia be similar/ cause hypoglycemia as well? (I'm finding that if I need to eat every 2-3 hrs or I dont just get hungry like normal people- I get crazy hungry, dizzy, my hands shake, I cant concentrate, I feel like I am going to faint etc etc). Is there anything special that you do during your period to lesson these symptoms? (ie eat a steak or something?!). Yes I know I should see a Dr but I'm in Quebec and i dont think my french is good enough to explain/understand all of this so it might just be a waste of money so I'll wait the 2 extra months till I go home and can see my family GP.

As far as the Diva 2 goes, I'm wondering if the larger size might be causing me discomfort. Normally (as in every single month since I first started menstruating!) I get excruciating cramps on the 1st day of my period, and then mild cramps (if any) for the 2nd day, then nothing. But this time I've had cramps every single day, although I havent (luckily) had the excruciating, crippling cramps. I'm not sure if this is possibly to do with the Diva 2 since the only other thing I've done differently this period is to drink raspberry leaf tea since I was previously advised that it helps with cramps. Maybe the tea just spread the cramps out over several days instead of me having the real nasty ones all in one hit!!  Has anyone else found that switching to a new cup has caused cramps?

Grr periods can be such a drag!!
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