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Mexico Stories!

Some of you asked me to keep you updated on Mexico.  Well, I am back, and here is my recount.

It was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I didn't love every minute of it because I got sick half way through and I don't think I am better even now, but there were many gems. 

I lived with this amazing woman who was a well-known seamstress, as well as an Arabic coffee grounds reader, bellydancer, and just super amazing all around.  We had fun with the language barrier, as she didn't speak much English and I didn't speak much Spanish!  But we made an awesome connection and I hope to see her again sometime soon.

There was so much fresh fruit, it was to die for!  I miss being able to go down to the corner and get fresh mangoes and pineapple with chili and limon.

I saw a lot of touristy things that had to do with the Mayan culture, like the Major Temple found right inside the center of the city.  I also climbed both the Sun and Moon pyramids.  Soooo awesome to be on top of all that history!

We spent a week in Veracruz and met a really neat local who took us to a fantastic Italian restaurant.  We also saw a lot of waterfalls there...I love waterfalls!

Oh, and to the lady who was complaining about non-potable water in Mexico....Well, at least in Mexico City, they have filtered, treated water.  However, the pipes are so old that many of them carry random gross stuff, and the pipes also sit right next to the sewage pipes.  So not even the locals drink the water!

And to make this post somewhat relevant:

I used my Diva Cup twice there, rinsing it with tap water, then rinsing it with bottled water, and I did fine.  hee hee So now I know I don't have to worry about creepy, crawlies up there! (Although not washing it out every time did make it yellow. :( )

ETA:  Picasa totally sucks because it only lets you upload 5 pics at a time! Flickr I already know sucks because it only lets you upload a certain number of MBs and keep a certain number of pics if you are a free member.  Well, my pics are on Picasa Photobucket...for those interested. :)

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