miss fae to you. (soakedinstars) wrote in menstrual_cups,
miss fae to you.

first week with my mooncup. comments/concerns/ramble

Well, I'm on day 3 of using my mooncup for the first time. Hooray! My boyfriend is very unhappy when I talk about it, so I thought it'd be appropriate to ramble about my thoughts concerning it here. I also have a couple questions or so if anybody wants to comment on them.

I considered getting a cup for a long long time now. I tried using Insteads to see maybe if I could handle being that upclose and personal. It was no problem so I was set on getting one. The first day I got it, I was really excited. When I tried the dry run, I was kind of nervous I wouldn't like it and thought it was too big. It didn't HURT when I put it in and took it out, but it was.. really uncomfortable. I think I have the hang of it now, though, and it's no problem at all. I've read a lot of people saying theirs doesn't pop open sometimes but i don't have trouble with that at all. I use the punch-down method and it pops every time. I've had no leakage issues, either.

I thought it'd be kind of gross when it came to "changing" it.. with insteads, you just threw them away. BUT.. I really actually enjoy it! Maybe I'm just weird. I like seeing what comes out of me. It makes me kind of excited when it comes time to change it. I know that sounds weird.

All in all, I REALLY enjoy it! If it wasn't for the headaches.. cramps... bloating.. fatigue.. etc etc i wouldn't even know I was on my period. I never realized how uncomfortable tampons were until now. It's crazy! I just used them my whole life and thought they were the answer to everything but they're awful. Plus, I don't know about anybody else, but I'd always have to get the super pluses and still would have terrible leakage after 2-3 hours.

In any case. I just have a couple.. kind of gross (maybe) concerns about the cup. One: I've noticed that when I change it I'm rather, er.. stringy.. for lack of a better word. Is this normal? For some reason I thought it'd be more liquid-y.. I'm sure it's fine but I guess I'm kind of concerned. And another thing.. I thought about this last night when I was laying down for bed.. Is it ok for things to be sloshing about in there? I mean.. will the menstrual blood ever go back inside of you and cause some sort of infection or anything? I don't know. That is the only part that weirds me out.

Overall.. I LOVE this thing. I can't imagine ever going back to tampons. I only wish I found it sooner!

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