Leslie Hibbard (leslie03) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Leslie Hibbard

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Just starting to use cup... will it stretch me out too much?

So after my toilet got clogged from a flushed tampon, I started doing some research online and found out about menstrual cups!  I went out and bought one straightaway since my period will probably start on Monday or so.  I've been reading a lot of posts on here about your vagina stretching to fit the cup.  I see this as a good thing in general but I'm worried if it might stretch me too much for my boyfriend to enjoy sex.  Looking at the cup (I got a Diva), I'd say my bf is about as thick as the cup is at its widest.  I really want him to still enjoy sex and I worry about getting stretched so that I am too loose for him... any thoughts ladies? 

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